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All our memories, reflections and sensations, 

can concentrate to one sound, 

that will express effortlessly

this infinite universe.

Rachel Beja 

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Dante Giancarlo Liano Pira
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Rachel Beja is an Israeli composer currently based in Milan.

She graduated with a bachelor’s and a master's degree in composition with Gabriele Manca at "G. Verdi" Music Conservatoire in Milan.

Her music has been performed internationally by ensembles such as Modern Ensemble, Riot Ensemble, Schallfeld Ensemble, Divertimento Ensemble, Ensemble Multilatérale, Tana Quartet, Quartet 121, Zöllner/Roche duo, Unimi Orchestra, The Israel Contemporary Players, Mdi Ensemble and Mise-en Ensemble.

She has participated in festivals such as ManiFeste, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Milano musica festival.

In 2022 Rachel was the selected composer for the Rodamúsic composers residency in Potrìes, Spain and she was commissioned to compose a piece for Violin and Viola, which had been preformed by Riot Ensemble.

In 2021 she won a composition competition of Quartet121 in New York and won the first price of “Egidio Carella” Composition Competition (Val Tidone International Music Competitions) in Italy.

She was commissioned by the Unimi Orchestra in Milan, composing a piece for orchestra. 
In 2020 Rachel was Co-commissioned by the IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and Divertimento Ensemble, with the support of  ULYSSES NETWORK, composing a piece for ensemble and electronics.

She won the competition of Hertzbreakerz “The Mechanics of Breath” in Sweden where she was commissioned for a piece for clarinet and accordion.

In 2019 she was commissioned by the Milan conservatory, composing concerto for contralto saxophone and orchestra. 
In 2018 and 2019 Rachel was commissioned by the Milan musica Festival for two pieces for theater and she was commissioned by Divertimento Ensemble for three pieces: for voice, for cello and for ensemble of 11 musicians. 

She was awarded the 2017 and the 2018 Milan conservatory prizes named by Umberto Micheli.




•     Nostalghiá, oggetto inanimato nel bosco 
for Bb clarinet, piano, percussion, violoncello and electronics
       Taller Sonoro
       Cádiz, Spain (2022)

•     Albireo azzurro
       for piano solo
       CDM San Michele, Montaldeo, Italy (2022)

•       Millimetrim
        for soprano saxophone and electronics

        Milan (2022)

•      Frammenti di memoria abolita
        for daf, violin, viola, cello and electronics, an IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and Divertimento Ensemble Co-Commission,           Paris (2021).

•      Il nome del luogo si chiama mondo, sulla via della scomparsa 
        for orchestra, commission from Unimi Orchestra, Milan (2021).

•      Punti invisibili di contatto  
        for string quartet, has been performed by Quartet 121, New York (2021).

•      Petrichor
        for bass clarinet and accordion, commission from Hertzbreakerz, The Mechanics of Breath, Sweden, written for Heather          Roche and Eva Zöllner, Malmö (2020).

•      Sui viali su cui camminiamo, la fiamma copre ciò che siamo, la primavera 
        concerto for alto saxophone and orchestra, has been performed by Simone Moschitz and Milan Conservatorio Orchestra,            Milan (2019).

•      Penombra 
        for soprano, tenor and Lamiera HN, commission from the Milano music Festival, has been performed by Irina Ghivier,            Ryunosuke Komatsu and Rachel Beja, Milan (2019).

•      L'aria, la distanza e la realtà 
        for violoncello solo, has been performed by Martina Rodic, Divertimento Ensemble, Milan (2019).

•      Miat Mi Ata
        for soprano, has been performed by Anna Piroli, Milan (2019). 

•      Adva 
        for tenor saxophone has been performed by Salvatore Castellano in Milan Conservatorio (2019).  

•      Finché si sente la sabbia 
        for 11 musicians, has been performed by Divertimento Ensemble, Milan (2019).

•      E tutto ciò che ha un interno, chiede le imposte ed entra 
        capricci for violin, has been performed by Lorenzo Gentili-Tedeschi, Milan (2018).

•      L'asta mensile 
        for Soprano, violoncello and electronics, has been performed at Teatro Gerolamo, commission from the Milano music                Festival (2018).

•      A Toi Benares 
        for 2 violins, viola, 2 violoncelli and double bass. has been performed in France by Tana Quartet and  Ensemble                            Multilatérale (2018).

•      Da orecchio a orecchio
        for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, and violoncello (2018).

•      Before I was born 
        for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and percussion, has been performed by Divertimento Ensemble (2017). 

•      Green Flash 
        for alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello and percussion, has been performed by MDI Ensemble in Milan and won a                      composition competition by Mise-En Ensemble in New York (2016).

•      My lips speaks a different tongue 
        for soprano, clarinet, horn and percussion, has been performed by MDI Ensemble in Milan (2016).

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